Tuesday, November 3, 2015

INDIA TODAY article on Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde of Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Bangalore on Engagement Tattoos in Bangalore.

Lovers drop by at Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio to get a custom made tattoo dedicated to their other half.

A Tattoo that expresses love, commitment and how important the other person is in their life. 
The Article is about couples marking their commitment to each other by tattoos designed by Veer Hegde instead of rings or jewelry.

Read the article here

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Best Tattoo Artist Bangalore - Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo & ...

Veer Hegde Featured on the News9/TV9 Story on 3D Tattoos in Bengaluru, India also the Playlist features another video on Best Tattoo by Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde in 2013

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

We answered a few questions on tattooing in bangalore

The following questions were answered by Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde for The New Indian Express in Bangalore, doing a feature story on tattoo culture in the city!

1. When did you set up shop?
2. Have there been an increase in customers in the recent years?
3. What are the demographic observations in your tattoo parlour?
4. What kinds of tattoos are the most requested?
5. What kinds of tattoos are present in the field? (Black, coloured, white...)
6. Do you think being 'inked' has now become cliched?
7. What does a tattoo mean to you?
8. Do you think it is important to have a story behind a tattoo?
9. Do you see tattoo culture prevailing in Bangalore?

1. When did you set up shop? 

Been Tattooing part time since 2006 while I worked for Defense industries as a mechanical engineer. My current tattoo studio located at 14/1, Wood street, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025 is 5 years old.

2. Have there been an increase in customers in the recent years?

Yes! society itself is more broad minded about tattoos they are now accepted respected and loved!

3. What are the demographic observations in your tattoo parlour?

All kinds of people. i have even tattooed 65 yr old NRI from the US who got 2 full arm tattoos by me in. I have tattooed a couple with ring tattoos and they dint have physical rings but the tattooed ring were a mark of their engagement! Software Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Company owners , Industrialists, Real Estate tycoons, Architects, Lawyers, Models, College students

4. What kinds of tattoos are the most requested? 

All genres of tattoos are wanted - Religious, Spiritual, Family, Love, Freedom  as exposure of Tattoos has multiplied exponentially

5. What kinds of tattoos are present in the field? (Black, coloured, white...)

Modern Tattoo art can be classified as black and grey tattoo, colored, abstract, geometric,tribal, portrait, realistic, surreal only to name a few. Tattooing like music is constantly evolving into branches

6. Do you think being 'inked' has now become cliched?


7. What does a tattoo mean to you?

Tattoos are a higher form of self expression. Tattoos are a permanent piece of art or symbol on your body which  can remind you, inspire you, direct you in life! A tattoo should be unique like the person you are! Like a fingerprint off your mind! That is exactly why we discourage imitating tattoos that are on someone else. All of our work is custom designed for each client and a 100% unique we have also stopped revealing all of our work since some people just want to imitate something that they have seen on our profile that they don't even relate to and walk up to some artists who would just copy that.
Some of my work has been imitated by studios and artists across the country.

8. Do you think it is important to have a story behind a tattoo?

There is always a story! or  you can make up one along the way like hangover 2 ha ha  but what you cant have is a strong bond with your tattoo. it is a deep connection something which is going to be with you till the end.. your best friend! your purest thought! your positive energy! your happiness! your inspiration!

9. Do you see tattoo culture prevailing in Bangalore?

Tattooing is universal it has always been there will always be there.. but now in Bangalore and India as people understand what tattoos are and what power they hold, there is a growing respect for the art form and the artist!

Its hard to make time to reply to such an extensive questionnaire through mail ive answered most of them give me a call if you need anymore info..

You can find some of my work on


Veer Hegde

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Bangalore


Friday, May 29, 2015

Eternal Expression rated Best Tattoo Studio in Bangalore - GQ Magazine

The Best Tattoo Studio in Bangalore

Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio was established in Bangalore in the year 2008 , has branches in Bangalore, Mumbai & Goa.

It is now rated among the 5 best  tattoo studio`s in India and the Best Tattoo Studio in Bangalore that you should visit. - GQ Magazine.

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio lead by Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde has been creating influential tattoos and touching peoples lives, Inspiring them, Motivating them through impeccable custom tattoo art uniquely made for each person.
Every Tattoo is special, Every Tattoo is made with attention to then finest detail, Every Tattoo is made with Heart, Every Tattoo means the world to Eternal Expression, Every Tattoo is an Eternal Expression!

The Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore

Veer Hegde who is the Lead Tattoo Artist and Owner of Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio is Rated as the Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore and among 5 best tattoo artists in India.

That is great news for tattoo lovers that Veer Hegde is in Bangalore after tattooing from his own studios in Mumbai, Goa, New Delhi, Madrid - Spain. He brings culture, knowledge and art he has shared and learned from his fellow tattoo artists, fine artists and friends from all over the world, here to Bangalore.

Veer Hegde known for his strict principles as a tattoo artist and students learning how to tattoo to become a tattoo artist in the future.

The Article:
5 tattoo parlors you should visit - GQ India

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Best of 2013 : Tattoos by Veer Hegde

Best of 2013 : Tattoos by Veer Hegde 

Best of 2013 - Tattoo Art by Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde at Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore


 Post by Eternal Expression Tattoo and Piercing Studio, Bangalore.

Friday, May 10, 2013

What is Tattoo After care?

There are several different schools of thought on tattoo aftercare. Aftercare is essentially the steps taken during the healing process of a tattoo. How you care for a new tattoo from the first day right up to the time it's fully healed and become a seamless part of your skin constitutes tattoo aftercare. 
Today, tattoo professionals have access to high quality products that assist the healing process and enhance the beauty of a tattoo. 
Proper aftercare is still a matter of debate though, and while anyone with access to a network can put out a list of do's and dont's that seems accurate, it may not be the best way to look after your new tattoo. 
We recommend always following your professional tattoo artists advice on appropriate aftercare.

This guide is our professional opinion on how to take care of the tattoo you've just got.

To properly care for your tattoo, you need to first understand what a tattoo is. A tattoo is a series of tiny nicks made by tattoo needles which deposit tattoo ink a few layers under the skin. This means that a new tattoo is quite similar to a fresh wound on the skin. Since the needles break the surface of the skin as they deposit the ink, a tattoo will form a scab as it heals up.

The first thing to do with a fresh tattoo is to let it dry and begin scabbing i.e begin healing. This could take anywhere between 4 and 48 hours from the time the tattoo was completed. The exact drying time varies between individuals as it depends on a host of factors like the individual's health, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Once your tattoo begins to dry and starts scabbing, the similarity between it and a wound ends. 
From now on, the tattoo needs constant care and attention until it is fully healed, which could take 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the factors mentioned above.
Moisturization is crucial to the health of your tattoo, and we recommend using a good quality tattoo aftercare balm like Tattoo Goo or Tat Wax. A thin layer of balm needs to be massaged gently into the tattoo several times a day for two weeks minimum.
Protection from sunlight, rain, steam, dust and using a good sunscreen are also essential precautions during tattoo healing.
For detailed Step-by-Step instructions on aftercare, read our post titled How to care for your new Tattoo.

Your Tattoo is a permanent part of your skin and deserves the best care you can give it. Following the right aftercare and using high quality products specially formulated for tattoos will give your ink that extra nourishment it needs to look Spectacular!

How to Care For Your New Tattoo

Keep Your Ink looking Spectacular  


# Your tattoo has been wrapped to protect it from pollutants; keep the wrap on until you get to a clean, dust free area (indoors). Don’t leave the wrap for longer than two hours because the tattoo needs to breathe to initiate the healing process.

# Throughout the day, gently dab away any seepage around the tattoo with a clean tissue paper and keep it dry. Always make sure your hands are clean when handling the tattoo.

# The inflammation in your fresh tattoo should subside in an hour, but if you experience pain or prolonged swelling, you may use anti-inflammatory medication (pain relievers) to alleviate the discomfort.

#Don’t expose the tattoo to direct sunlight, or any kind of moisture (rain, swimming pools, or steam rooms).

#Before bed, apply a thin layer of Cipladine ointment on the tattoo. Cipladine is a strong anti - microbial that will protect your tattoo against infection. One application of Cipladine is usually enough; please consult your professional tattoo artist on whether you need multiple applications.

THE next DAY

#First thing in the Morning wash the tattoo with a mixture of warm water and salt so that the surface of the tattoo is free of particles. Dry with a clean towel and then apply a thin layer of Cipladine ointment on the tattoo.

#From the evening you can cleanse the area with warm salt water, dry it up and then apply a good aftercare balm like Tattoo Goo/ Tat Wax. Alternatively, you may use A&D ointment/Baby oil.

#Keep the tattoo moisturized by applying a small quantity of tattoo balm and gently massaging it into the skin, don’t rub. Reapply the tattoo balm several times a day; we recommend using the balm every two to three hours or whenever your tattoo has absorbed the product. Do this every day until the tattoo is fully healed.

#The average healing time for a tattoo is two weeks. During this time, make sure that your tattoo is always moisturized, it should never look dry and there should always be a thin layer of balm on it.

#Before bathing, apply a thin layer of A&D ointment on the tattoo. Use a mild pH balanced soap, and avoid using soap directly on the tattoo for the first few days.

#Protect the tattoo from direct sunlight and rain for at least two weeks. If sun expose can’t be avoided, use a high-end after care cream like Tattoo Goo which has a built-in sunscreen or a basic after care cream along with a good quality sunscreen.

**You may continue to apply oil/ointment on the tattoo for a week after it’s completely healed.**


DO NOT use too much tattoo balm
Always apply a thin layer of balm/oil on the tattoo, using too much will smother the tattoo.
DO NOT use Vaseline 
Under any circumstances. Use the specially formulated tattoo aftercare creams like Tattoo Goo/ Tat Wax.
Alternatively, consult your professional tattoo artist on what product to use.
DO NOT Itch 
The Tattoo is bound to itch when the healing process starts. Keep the tattoo well moisturized so that the skin peels away in soft layers. The healing process must not be hurried in any way, doing so will only damage the tattoo.
DO NOT use multiple products on your tattoo
 Doing so may cause chemical reactions between the different products and this could harm the tattoo. It’s important to only use products that are specifically formulated for tattoos.
DO NOT swim
 In lakes, swimming pools, bathtubs or any water bodies until your tattoo heals.
DO NOT expose your tattoo to direct sunlight
 Until it’s completely healed your tattoo is vulnerable to sun damage, so try to keep it covered when outdoors. Once healed, use a good quality tattoo balm with sunscreen.
DO NOT lift weights or do stretching exercises
Avoid strenuous workouts or stretching until the tattoo is completely healed.
DO NOT wear Woollen or Nylon clothing
 Loose cotton clothing is recommended during the healing process.
Watch what you Eat
Foods rich in starch or protein should only be consumed in moderation or avoided altogether.
Drinking Alcohol is not recommended until the tattoo is fully healed.
Improper diet may aggravate the tattoo and increase the heat in your body, which may erupt as boils.
DO NOT deviate from the Professional Tattoo aftercare
Please call us with any questions you may have.

Healthy eating habits will hasten the healing process and enhance the beauty of your tattoo. Include fresh fruits & vegetables in your diet and take a daily Multi-Vitamin Supplement.

If you experience any of the following symptoms: a lot of pain, deep redness around the tattoo or an allergic reaction like rash or bumps around the tattoo, contact us immediately.

If you ever have any concerns or questions about your tattoo don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop by the studio!


CEO, Lead Tattoo Artist

Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore