The Highlights of 2012! Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore


Welcome to the Premier post of 2013

Veer Hegde and Everyone here at Eternal Expression, Bangalore's Finest Tattoo and Piercing Studio want to wish You an Amazing 2013

To kick off the year, we thought we'd start by publishing the Highlights of the Year 2012
The Year gone by was absolutely Brilliant and we have a whole lot to share with each one of You, so let's Begin.

This past year was an Awesome Trip and we made some beautiful memories.  ;">A lot of wonderful people have left an indelible impression on our lives, and our tattoos have formed a bridge of art that's allowed us to touch their lives as well.

We created breath taking portrait tattoos of cherished subjects, symbolizing immortal love in Ink.

We embarked on voyages of Faith, accompanying the devoted on their sojourn. And we returned from our journey with a heightened sense of purpose, and far greater respect for the Universe and all that's in it.

Captivating pieces in black and grey, tattoos which had a singular theme or a  unique story behind them, have all made our tattooing memoirs so much Richer and compels us to share some of these incredible experiences.

Every tattoo we've done has a tale to tell, and each picture is followed by a written Chronicle to give you a glimpse into its history.

We hope you Enjoy, and don't forget to tell us what You think!

Portrait Tattoo by Veer 

Hegde Eternal Expression Bangalore
Portrait Tattoo by Veer Hegde Eternal Expression Bangalore

A Black and Grey Tattoo Portrait of a client's (who is now a friend ) wife when she was expecting their first child.
This was the most cherished memory of the young father, and he wanted it immortalized on his skin.
The entire family including the little one was involved in the making of this tattoo, which took one whole day to complete.

Mother Mary Tattoo
Mother Mary Tattoo  by Veer Hegde Eternal Expression Bangalore
A custom design created by Veer, it shows the visage of Mother Mary weeping tears of blood.
Done in Black and Grey along with one single shade of Red.

Rajput Tattoo Sun Shield Warrior Sword - by Veer Hegde at Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio
This Tattoo was inspired by a Rajput emblem that features crossed swords and a shield.
The shield has been personalized to include the person's Star sign, and is designed to look like a flaming Sun.

Shirdi Sai Baba Tattoo by  Veer Hegde at Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore
Our first Shirdi Sai Baba Tattoo, created for an ardent devotee.
The tattoo is in Black and Grey, depicting Sai Baba seated on a rock
 Features a Tulsi maar and Dhuni on either side of Baba, with a Neem tree forming the background

Pentagram Tattoo by  Veer Hegde at Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore
Another First! Deviating from the usual religious themes, this bold tattoo was specifically created for a young musician.
The piece features a Ram's head complete with horns, an inverted Cross and a Pentagram Star

Scorpion Tattoo by  Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore
A large three dimensional scorpion custom designed by Veer for a client, to match his personality ; )

Shirdi Sai Baba Tattoo by Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore
The Neem Tree that frames the background of this tattoo is a representation of the actual
 Neem tree under which Sai Baba meditated in Shirdi, and this tree still lives today.
Its leaves are believed to have great healing powers, charged with immense positive energy.
We were fortunate to be gifted a leaf from this sacred tree by our friend and client.

Sanskrit Tattoo by  Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore
A tattoo dedicated to the client's mother, as tribute to a Mother's unconditional love
The words are written in Sanskrit language using Devanagri Script
The font used here was created by Veer exclusively for this Sanskrit tattoo

 Cross Rosary Tattoo 

Cross & Rosary Tattoo
By Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore
This tattoo was created for a young man as a dedication to all the things he values most in life.
Every large pearl of the Rosary carries the initials of a family member, and the beads link them together forever

Shirdi Sai 

Baba Tattoo Bangalore
Shirdi Sai Baba Tattoo
By Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore

Pink Crystal 

Butterfly Tattoo Bangalore
Pink Crystal Butterfly Tattoo 
By Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore
A perfectly detailed minute Butterfly Tattoo in Vibrant Pink
The wings of the butterfly are designed to look like facets of a Crystal

Saggitarius - The 

Archer Tattoo Bangalore
Sagittarius - The Archer Tattoo 
By Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore
Part Warrior Woman, Part Mythological Archer.This tattoo was created as an fantasy representation of  The Sagittarius Archer. An exclusive design, never to be repeated : )

Bal Ganesh Tattoo Bangalore
Bal Ganesh Tattoo 
By Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio Bangalore
The Young Ganesha depicted in this Black and Grey Tattoo is seated, and playing the flute
This tattoo has a soft finish, with no hard lines or harsh edges.


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